Declaration of foreign social insurance

Representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam due to the compact nature, few personnel in Vietnam, the need to use social insurance declaration services is essential to save costs as well as unnecessary human services. In order to meet the social insurance registration needs of the representative office of foreign traders in a professional and effective way, Viet An Law Firm would like to provide the following information:

Personnel at foreign traders’ representative offices must pay compulsory social insurance premiums


The employees are Vietnamese, foreign workers have work permits or practice certificates or practice licenses issued by competent Vietnamese agencies. For foreign workers under Clause 1, Article 124 of the Law on Social Insurance in 2014, the subjects specified at Point b, Clause 1, Article 2 of this Law who work under labor contracts with a term of between full 1 month and less than 3 months will be eligible for compulsory social insurance from January 1, 2018.
Working under an uns specified term labor contract, defining term, seasonal labor contract or under a certain job with a term of between full 03 months and under 12 months; including labor contracts signed between the employer and the legal representative of the person under 15 years of age as prescribed;
Working under labor contracts with a term of between full 01 month and under 03 months;
Workers working abroad under contracts;
The business manager is entitled to a salary.


Enterprises, cooperatives, individual business households, cooperative groups, other organizations and individuals that hire or use labor under labor contracts;
Foreign agencies, organizations and international organizations operating in the Vietnamese territory.

Compulsory social insurance including

Sickness regime;
Maternity regime;
Regime of occupational accidents and occupational diseases;
Retirement benefits;
Death mode.

Social insurance registration service for foreign representative offices of  Luat VN

Advising on legal provisions and order and procedures for performing social insurance obligations for employees and employers;
Advising on dossiers and papers and documents related to social insurance procedures;
The first social insurance declaration registration service for foreign representative offices in Vietnam;
Services of increasing and decreasing labor participation in social insurance;
Prepare and submit dossiers on behalf of customers at competent management agencies;
Advising on other legal provisions related to the registration of social insurance and industrial relations of enterprises.
Customers wishing to use social insurance declaration service please contact Luat VN for the most quick and accurate support! Hotline/zalo: 0763387788 


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